Annoying that NASA is still using Liquid Nitrogen

I know I know, I hate posting “random” youtube links and expect everyone to go and watch them. But this one is quick/short and to the point, I promise. But in case you don’t want to watch the youtube video, I’ll highlight the key points:– Liquid Nitrogen has the most power/energy but is a serious […]

Artemis 1 life support?

I wonder if there is life support systems on Artemis 1, ie oxygen tanks, the air units, bathrooms, beds, etc. In one sense, it’s not needed since it’s unmanned, and that’s just extra weight that they could shave off. But in another sense, if this is a true test mission to see about the viability […]

Artemis 1 launch picture
Artemis 1 Launch

I got to watch the Artemis 1 launch

First Post!

Well of course I’d get first post, I own this site. At least until it gets hacked. This is my personal website, I bought this domain because it was required when I got my first real career job, tech support for Verio Hosting. They required you purchase a domain and use their web hosting so […]