Advertising a “deal” at its finest

Gotta love AT&T’s “promotions” like this… $127 to hook you for 3 years… And just a few months ago AT&T was offering the Galaxy S22 (~$800) for “free” with the same 36 month agreement. I ended up getting the S22 Ultra w/ that promotion and pay like $5/month after their credits. Besides, the A1x series […]

The problem with NASA and politics in a nutshell

The problem with NASA in a nutshell IMHO, is bureaucracy and politics. Especially politics. Check out this video clip of one of my favorite series, I found it very interesting when I watched.

Smart and discounted new appliances

Oh boy, it begins. Our new LG Dishwasher is “smart”, wifi enabled. And our new LG Clothes Dryer is also smart/wifi-enabled. As much as I’m a geek, it feels gimicky to me but whatever.Being alerted on my phone when either device is done drying is somewhat convenient. I did have a problem with the LG […]

Star Trek merchandise and themes

Just a personal rant. Almost everytime I go to search for Star Trek themed items, or merchandise, etc. etc. I keep running into the crappy Original Series stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I admire TOS “The Original Series” (or as future starfleet officers refer to it “Those Old Scientists”) for what it did, being a […]

Twitter taken to hire hacker-types?

This is interesting, I was aware of George Hotz back when he did create that self driving setup of his using AI, it kind of showed up Tesla’s self driving system. Guy is brilliant. But I think this is the difference between a hacker vs a developer, and I think this guy is a hacker-type. […]

This Christmas Truce of 1914

“The combo from Sabaton and Yarn Hub is solid gold” couldn’t have said it better myself, so I won’t. But you should watch this video. It sucks that the military absolutely did not like this, and banned it from happening the next year. They said any soldier(s) caught not fighting on December 25th would be […]

Fusion: More energy output than input accomplished

Finally, a fusion reaction that generates more energy than absorbed

I hate intentional misinformation spreading Basically this “Dr Mercola” reported a net worth of over 100 million. He’s hired a group of people to write these false articles and spread them on Facebook, on his website, Twitter, etc.  He’s making tons of money selling his own “natural cures” and “home remedies” (junk) as well as on the advertising […]

Annoying that NASA is still using Liquid Nitrogen

I know I know, I hate posting “random” youtube links and expect everyone to go and watch them. But this one is quick/short and to the point, I promise. But in case you don’t want to watch the youtube video, I’ll highlight the key points:– Liquid Nitrogen has the most power/energy but is a serious […]

Artemis 1 life support?

I wonder if there is life support systems on Artemis 1, ie oxygen tanks, the air units, bathrooms, beds, etc. In one sense, it’s not needed since it’s unmanned, and that’s just extra weight that they could shave off. But in another sense, if this is a true test mission to see about the viability […]