Bout of depression

I think the problem with my latest bout of depression is that there isn’t a very good reason for it. No big event or issue, no “smoking gun” so to speak as the cause. So when people close to me find out I’m depressed, I love them and appreciate them and such, but they always […]

My daughters are crazy

My daughter’s are crazy but I love them so much. Love you Cayla and Catelyn. My daughter’s are lovely, dark and deep (emotionally); But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep… Eh, forget sleep, I meant before I can sit and watch TV […]

Writers / Directors / Actors (Strike)

I’m kind of on the fence about the actors striking thing. Some of their demands makes good sense, and I’m all for them getting good pay for good work. But I do feel some actors/actresses are overpaid, because they’re in a position to screw over the studio if they decided to quit; because their “character” […]

From I don’t know to I don’t care

I don’t know what I’m doing and now I don’t care

Why can’t non-insured get the same discount

Still drives me nuts when I get a medical bill and you see what the original charge was then you see the “Insurance negotiated discount” or adjustments or whatever they call it. That negotiated discount is usually like 90%. But complaining about the american healthcare system is about just as effective as screaming into the […]

I’m having a hard time holding on…

Not going to post this to FB, too many friends and family see it there. But I’m struggling to hold myself together. Some days are great, I think I’m recovered and life is good, other days I’m just in such a deep dark funk and I don’t know if I’ll ever get out. 2021 was […]

War against the police a pyrrhic victory

Sure we shined a light on some of the police issues and abuses, and don’t get me wrong, police abuse should be investigated and handled appropriately. It’s now mainstream news and the public is very much aware of it now, so it’s a victory right? The news hasn’t been handling it very well IMHO though, […]

Franken PC

It’s funny, I ordered a used Radeon RX 6800 Graphics card from some guy online, Facebook Marketplace, got a good deal on it. Not amazing, but not bad either. And when it arrived, I pulled out the card and then was surprised to see a CPU free-floating (ie not wrapped, just kind “tossed in”, in […]

Replaceable human bodies & medical science

I wonder what would happen w/ medical science if we were suddenly able to, relatively inexpensively, transfer our consciousness to a newly grown body. How much it would change everything. I mean, why bother researching and curing cancer, or do heart transplants or knee joint replacements, etc. etc. etc. if we can just switch to […]

Advertising a “deal” at its finest

Gotta love AT&T’s “promotions” like this… $127 to hook you for 3 years… And just a few months ago AT&T was offering the Galaxy S22 (~$800) for “free” with the same 36 month agreement. I ended up getting the S22 Ultra w/ that promotion and pay like $5/month after their credits. Besides, the A1x series […]