Lets fix this “road”

09 Jan
Let’s say you’re in charge of a roadway, and it’s slowly getting rougher and an occasional pothole appears but it’s still driveable. You hire a road crew to go out and fix it but they only do a few little things here and there, mainly on the sides of the road, but overall they don’t really fix the road, and it’s still slowly degrading… Then you hire another road crew (but from the same company) to go out there and the same crap happens, little things here and there and in some cases it may be improved but in other cases the road may actually be worse, still driveable but it’s still degrading. One of two of the road crews may have wanted to shutdown a lane or two on the road in order to seriously fix it but they’re too afraid to upset all the drivers of the cars on the road, so they decide not to shutdown a lane and because of that they’re not able to truly fix the road. Now you keep sending our road crews from the same company every year (for many years), hoping you’ll eventually get a road crew that will get you better results, but still no major changes and things are still getting worse (mainly because they’re too scared of temporarily upsetting the drivers or because they just enjoyed the money from the contract and didn’t really want to work that hard).
How many times do you send out people from the old company and hope for better results? When is enough is enough? The road is degrading but it’s still handling traffic for the most part and some drivers are ok with the little things the previous road crews have been doing and not really caring about the overall condition of the road while other drivers are growing more and more frustrated. Finally. you may take a chance and send out a road crew from a new company, and this crew is willing to make big changes, shutdown a lane or two, and while doing it they’re upsetting and pissing off some of the drivers. Some of these changes they’re making might be good, but some might be a bad. Now, you could end up with a road much better and driveable or you could end up with a road that’s barely drivable, a lot of drivers think it’ll be much worse, while other drivers think it’ll be better; but you won’t actually know how the road turns out though until the job is done and the dust settles and the lanes are re-opened.
That’s where you’re currently at, waiting on the new road crew to finish their “repairs”. Do you jump in in the middle of the repair work and kick them out and scramble to send in a road crew from the old company? Or do you wait and see?
The way I see it, worst case scenario the road is wrecked (but hopefully still drivable) and in worse condition than before. You’re not going to send out the exact same road crew from that new company again. No, given the roads state you will end up doing a lot of research and analysis and you’ll hopefully find a new road crew (doesn’t matter from what company, could be the old one or the new one or a completely new company) that will fix a lot of the damage done by the old road crew, and hopefully while they’re at it they might-as-well fix the slowly-degrading damage the prior road crews failed to fix as well. Drivers will be a lot more tolerant as well, they saw the road get way worse and now they’re willing to accept a little inconvenience if it means the road will FINALLY get fixed proper once and for all.

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