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Beermoney Part 1

29 Sep

A huge thank you goes to former coworker, and friend, Ken Neth for showing me how to use my computer’s spare CPU and memory to make actual money. My computer had a lot of wasted CPU cycles as I used it mainly for a file server and playing music while I worked. Now it makes me about $200 a month in Amazon credit. #beermoney hehe

From Deon Paul Rodden at September 28, 2016 at 05:39PM

Stolen Fridge

27 Sep

My vacant house in Florida, that’s on the market for sale, just got broken into and the fridge in the kitchen was stolen. Sigh. This sucks. Maintaining an empty property on the other side of the country sucks and I’m at the mercy of friends/family/realtors to go over there whenever they can to check in on the place. Now I have to replace the fridge.

From Deon Paul Rodden at September 27, 2016 at 03:31PM

Business Trips

27 Sep

The downside of business trips. Going over every bank transaction and locating and scanning every receipt and then waiting 30 days to be reimbursed. Business trips are (generally) fun but the paperwork afterwards is always a pain. I know some companies have better systems than others for reimbursable expenses but it’s still a chore afterwards. Oh well, the price we pay… hehe

From Deon Paul Rodden at September 27, 2016 at 01:22PM

Where’s my money

18 Sep

Hilarious, but wrong and probably bad parenting, moment earlier today when Cayla was hitting a piñata at a birthday party. I said “hit it! Hit it like it owes you money!” and she was whacking away at it and then I said “say ‘where’s my money'” and Cayla repeated it! Cute little girl: “Where’s my money?” whack! Hehehe, some adults heard it and was cracking up. Oh man that was so wrong but so very hilarious!

From Deon Paul Rodden at September 17, 2016 at 10:27PM

New Prius

16 Sep

What bothers me is I really do like the new 2016 Prius’s stylings/looks. It looks sleek, very modern, and the back tail lights are also very slick. But as much as I love how the car looks, I can’t help shake that it’s a Prius and there’s this perception about Prius owners…

From Deon Paul Rodden at September 16, 2016 at 12:36PM


14 Sep

Things I learned about sleep after working night shift for many years. –
3 hours is the absolute minimum amount of sleep you need to get you through an 8-10 hour work shift, you will need a nap after work.
5 hours is the amount of sleep you need to make it through an entire day.

From Deon Paul Rodden at September 14, 2016 at 08:46AM


13 Sep

de·plor·a·ble – adjective –
1. deserving strong condemnation. “the deplorable conditions in which most prisoners are held”
2. shockingly bad in quality. “her spelling was deplorable”

From Deon Paul Rodden at September 12, 2016 at 05:31PM

Trump is not a politician… and that’s a good thing

09 Sep

My #1 reason for considering the voting of Trump… “He’s not a politician

I’m so sick-and-tired of politicians, every 4 years we put politicians in office and everyone pretty much agrees the country is going downhill in a lot of areas and pretty much every American believes the gov’t is lying to them in one form or fashion. But every 4 years we put a politician up there, hoping for “change”. We do the same thing over and over again and expect different results… the very definition of insanity. I’m sick and tired of politicians lying to us, promising us one thing and not delivering or worst yet, doing the opposite. I’m tired of them being in the pockets of big businesses. They’re puppets, being controlled by people and corporations with lots of money. Hillary is one of the worst of them, she’s a “true politician” and very good at playing the game and smiling and saying one thing while doing another. Her emails are ample proof. But her actions are also proof.

I don’t like Trump completely, he’s a bit shady at times; BUT, he’s not a politician, and he’s not being controlled by giant corporations, doing their will. He has his own mind, he does his own thing. I don’t always agree with it, but I like that he’s not a politician and simply doesn’t give a F what others think sometimes. He doesn’t care about offending or being Politically Correct. Now it very well could blow up in our faces, in a big way, and you know what? That’s fine, because 4 years later somebody will step up and make massive changes that will undo the damage and while they’re making changes to repair things, they’ll keep going, and America could very well be great again. But there’s also the real possibility that Trump will “get the job done” “do what needs to be done” “make the hard decisions” etc. We’ve been stuck in the mud, so concerned about being PC that we’re not able to make big decisions, move in the same direction, and our enemies are out there circling us, watching, waiting. Trump very well may go up there and make a move that a lot of American’s don’t agree with, but it’s a move that needed to be made and will ultimately be a good decision. Who knows. But I do know that Hillary won’t make such a move, that it’ll be 4 more years of the same B.S, and I’m sick and tired of the same B.S, I want change, for better or worst, I want change.
I want America to start moving in a direction again, ANY direction. Trump will move us, very possibly in the wrong direction (but think of the next President, who will step up and move us in the right direction, and could keep moving us in that direction) or very possibly move us in the right direction. Who knows, who cares, at least we’re F’n moving again.

I wish there was a better non-politician candidate who stood a chance of winning. I’ve actually found a few independents and small-party nominees that I like and would love to vote for, that I think would do a better job than Trump or Hillary, but I don’t see them standing a chance. America is such a “2-minded” country, option A or option B,  they don’t like having options C D and E. I really wish a lot of Americans would vote for independents or small-party nominees. Even if they don’t stand a chance of winning, it could send a message. Let’s say that every election year the independents and small-party nominees get a combined total of “1 to 3%” of votes. Ok, lets say this year they get “6-8%” votes. It won’t be enough to make them win, but it’s a big enough surge, a big enough anomaly, to send a message to Republicans and Democrats, “Keep this up and you may not always win; America is tired of your B.S”  especially if every 4 years the percentage of non-democratic/non-republican votes kept going up.  This election year has made more American’s pay attention to voting, drawn a bigger line/divide between America’s, brought a lot of people who are not that political (including yours truly) out of the dark and forced them to pay attention and have an opinion; that’s a good thing I think. Too many Americans simply didn’t care to watch/learn/listen/pay-attention to the candidates and our country has suffered for it. The one good thing about this year is that a lot more American’s are paying attention, which is cool. I’m not sure if I’ll vote Trump or vote independent or small-party, I’m on the fence. I do know I’m not voting Hillary.

Nuke’s aren’t racist

09 Sep

Meanwhile while American’s are fighting amongst themselves about black vs white, male vs female, rich vs poor, democrats vs republicans, christian vs muslim; and getting offended by just about everything… North Korea is ramping up their Nuke’s.

On a global scale, worrying about black vs white is petty compared to a crazy country getting Nuke’s. A Nuke won’t care if you’re black/white/male/female/rich/poor/christian/muslim, it’s an equal opportunity killer. So yeah, let us divide our focus America and squabble about silly little things while our enemies ramp up their arsenal.

From Deon Paul Rodden at September 09, 2016 at 10:05AM

Federated Galactic Alliance we’re sorry

09 Sep

Meanwhile the aliens watching our planet are shaking their heads. No wonder they won’t make themselves known, we’re nuking our own planet and our technology is hoarded by region, North Korea just set off a 10 kiloton nuke meanwhile 70 years ago, in 1945, the U.S dropped a 15 kiloton Nuke in Hiroshima. We’re not willing to share our technology globally and we’re nuking our own planet. Yeah we’re not ready to join the federated galactic alliance.

From Deon Paul Rodden at September 09, 2016 at 10:00AM

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